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Smooth and Tighten Cellulite with EMTONE

For thousands of women, cellulite on the thighs and buttocks creates a dimpled appearance that can’t be diminished with diet or exercise. This common skin condition is notoriously difficult to get rid of: until now. For patients in the Northern Virginia area, the practitioners at Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery can tighten and smooth the appearance of cellulite with non-invasive, FDA-cleared EMTONE treatment at our luxurious medical spa.


What is Cellulite?

Cellulite, though harmless, is a cosmetic issue that is common in women. The dimpled, pitted appearance of skin with cellulite is a result of tension in the connective cords that link the skin to the underlying muscle. With the accumulation of fat cells between the skin and muscle, the fibrous cords pull down. This is what causes the “cottage cheese” or “orange skin” appearance of cellulite.2

The reason some people struggle with cellulite while others don’t is unknown. Hormones are a factor in the development of cellulite, as are skin texture, skin structure, and body type. Weight and muscle tone may also contribute to cellulite, but it is possible for very fit and relatively young people to also have cellulite.

How Does EMTONE Treat Cellulite?

In the past, women turned to exercise, specialized creams, and massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite: with little success. Now, we can offer effective and FDA-cleared reduction in the appearance of cellulite with EMTONE.

EMTONE is a device that delivers a combination of thermal and radiofrequency pressure energy. This safe electrical and acoustic energy works to disrupt and stimulate the skin, while also heating the skin to promote structural changes in the underlying collagen. Over a period of weeks to months after EMTONE treatment, new collagen growth reveals skin with improved texture and laxity—and less cellulite.3

At Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery, we can provide a comprehensive cellulite treatment plan featuring EMTONE that may also include other treatments such as QWO to enzymatically divide bands pulling on the skin and biostimulants to stimulate collagen growth and add volume to focal depressions.

Why Choose Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery for EMTONE Treatment?

At Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery, we are committed to only offering treatments we trust and believe in to our patients. A plastic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Larry Lickstein personally researches each treatment and piece of equipment we bring into our practice to verify its safety and effectiveness. All of our medical spa treatments are overseen by our Director of Medical Aesthetics, Zineb Moussafir, who maintains strict standards for treatment protocol to ensure optimal results.

The EMTONE Treatment Experience

There is no need to prepare for cellulite reduction treatment with EMTONE other than drinking plenty of water, as ample hydration makes EMTONE treatment more effective. Patients simply lie in a relaxing position while the EMTONE applicator is applied to their trouble areas. No pain is part of the EMTONE experience: patients report that therapy feels similar to a hot stone massage with intense vibrations.

EMTONE Results

Many of our patients have seen a reduction in cellulite dimples and bumps after a single EMTONE treatment, and results will only continue to improve. We recommend that patients undergo at least four treatments, scheduled once or twice a week.

Contact Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery

If you are tired of the lumpy, bumpy, dimpled appearance of cellulite, we have a solution for you. To learn more about EMTONE treatment for cellulite and to schedule your personal consultation with an experienced practitioner, please contact our Northern Virginia medical spa and plastic surgery center.

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