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Body Contouring and Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss 

Weight loss has many rewards, including improved health and a sense of pride. However, some patients who have lost significant weight are unable to feel confident and satisfied in their new bodies because they are bothered by excess skin or sagging in the stomach, breasts, arms, thighs, or buttocks. At Elle Aesthetic Arts and Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, Virginia, we are dedicated to helping you realize your goals and achieve a happy ending to your weight loss journey. Body contouring can reduce sagging, remove loose skin, and smooth away bulges and stubborn pockets of fat. If you have lost weight, but are still uncomfortable in your body, post weight loss body contouring can empower you to celebrate your healthy accomplishment.

Why Choose Dr. Larry Lickstein for Your Body Lift?

Dr. Larry Lickstein founded Elle Aesthetic Arts to bring advanced techniques and personalized care to patients in Loudoun County. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in general surgery, including bariatrics, he is uniquely qualified to help weight loss patients reach their aesthetic goals. He is highly skilled in circumferential body lift surgery, also known as a 360 lift or full body lift. Dr. Lickstein approaches body lift surgery with meticulous attention to detail and a sense of artistry—he goes beyond simply removing excess skin to provide comprehensive body contouring. Our body lift patients often report a greatly improved quality of life that they were unable to achieve with weight loss alone.

What Procedures Are Included with Body Contouring After Weight Loss?

Dr. Lickstein knows that each patient is unique and he will craft a thoughtfully customized treatment plan to meet your needs and goals. A circumferential body lift combines an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with a buttock lift and a flankplasty (a procedure to contour the waist and eliminate love handles) in a single operation. Patients who are interested in additional procedures can discuss the possibility of including them during their surgery.

Your Body Contouring & Lift—What to Expect

Before Your Surgery

Dr. Lickstein’s focus during your consultation appointment is to learn as much as possible about you and your aesthetic goals. Your consultation appointment is also an opportunity to learn about your surgical options and ask any questions you have. Dr. Lickstein will listen to your concerns and evaluate the areas to be treated before recommending a personalized treatment plan. Depending on your medical history and the details of your treatment plan, your body lift may be staged into separate surgical appointments for your safety and optimal results. Once your procedure is scheduled Dr. Lickstein and his team will provide you with pre-surgical instructions.

During Your Surgery

On the day of your surgery, Dr. Lickstein will go over your treatment plan with you and answer any questions you have. He will then mark the operative plan on your skin for your review before you receive general anesthetic. When you are asleep, Dr. Lickstein will carefully and strategically make incisions in order to remove excess skin and soft tissue. He will use liposuction to contour and then reposition the skin to achieve smooth, natural-looking results. 

Body Lift Recovery

Your recovery after body lift surgery will depend on your treatment plan as well as individual factors. In general, you should expect to be restricted from heavy lifting and strenuous movements for several weeks. You may be provided with a pain pump that dispenses local anesthetic in order to help you minimize the need for narcotic pain medication. Dr. Lickstein will review your recovery plan with you prior to surgery.


Post Weight Loss Body Lift Results

Contact Elle Aesthetic Arts

Dr. Lickstein and the team at Elle Aesthetic Arts look forward to joining you on your journey to your best self. Contact us with any questions or to schedule your consultation appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Lift Surgery

  • Am I a candidate for a body lift?

    The best way to determine if post-weight loss plastic surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation appointment. In general, candidates for body lift:1

    • Are in good general health
    • Are non-smokers
    • Have maintained a stable weight for at least three months
    • Are committed to healthy habits, including proper nutrition and exercise
  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Every patient is unique and body lift surgery is highly customized. It is important to have realistic expectations of your potential results and Dr. Lickstein can explain your options, review likely outcomes, and show you results from other patients in order to help you in your decision-making process. The look and longevity of your results will partially depend on how well you follow your after-care instructions and your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the years after surgery.

  • How long after bariatric surgery can I have body lift surgery?

    We typically advise bariatric patients to wait about one year after weight loss surgery to begin having plastic surgery. This ensures that your body has had time to fully heal from your bariatric procedure.

  • Where can I learn more about post-weight loss body lift surgery?

    Click here to read articles written by Dr. Lickstein on post-weight loss body lift.

1 American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Body Lift. Available: Accessed November 20, 2020

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