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BOTOX, Dysport & Dermal Fillers

At Elle Aesthetics in Ashburn, VA, we specialize in enhancing natural beauty for patients from Loudoun County And Northern Virginia. BOTOXCosmetic, neurotoxins, and dermal fillers can make it easy to achieve a more youthful, vibrant, and well-rested appearance. But there are so many nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to choose from: how do you know what is possible and which treatment is right to help you meet your goals?

You turn to an expert like Dr. Larry Lickstein, a trusted consultant and teacher for the companies that make dermal fillers.

What to Expect at Elle

Dr. Lickstein’s unique approach is to use his time in consultation with patients to determine what their true goals are and how best to achieve them. Based on thoughtful analysis of patients’ needs and anatomy, Dr. Lickstein then educates patients about what is possible and custom-tailors their treatment. He is a world-renowned expert in the use and application of dermal fillers, and is often able to suggest a product or cutting-edge treatment that a patient may not be aware of as the ideal solution to address unspoken concerns.

BOTOX & Fillers: More Than You Know

Dermal fillers and injectables have progressed markedly in the past decade: they are not just about treating the “elevens” or marks around a patient’s mouth anymore. For example, did you know:

  • People who have facial volume loss attributable to athleticism, weight loss, or age can achieve a more balanced, healthy appearance with the use of injectable fillers or Sculptra to add volume at the temples, cheeks, or chin? 
  • Or that a neurotoxin like BOTOX or Dysport may be used to non-surgically diminish the appearance of a gummy smile? 
  • Dr. Lickstein can use fillers to change the shape of your nose, chin, or jawline?
  • The shape of the neck and jowls can be changed with Kybella?
  • Sculptra can actually stimulate collagen to help you look more rejuvenated and refreshed?
  • You can improve the overall quality of your skin with BOTOX and Dysport injections?

Injectables & Fillers with Dr. Larry Lickstein: The Difference

In addition to his advanced knowledge of dermal fillers and world-class technique, Dr. Lickstein offers his patients a number of state-of-the-art benefits. He performs the vast majority of injections using a cannula (a softer needle with holes on the sides). This “fearless filler” technique dramatically reduces the potential for dermal filler side effects like bruising and swelling—and reduces patient discomfort during the procedure. To ensure each patients’ comfort, Dr. Lickstein also administers topical anesthesia and ice before treatment, and uses vibrating distractors to take the attention away from the sensation of injection.

Enhancing or refining your appearance is about so much more than the way you look: it’s a way to improve how you feel about yourself. And Dr. Lickstein goes to great lengths to ensure that patients feel nothing but calm and confident while in his care.

Your Consultation with Dr. Larry Lickstein

Dr. Lickstein’s goal with each patient is to make a meaningful change in the way he or she appears as well as the way they see themselves. During your personal consultation with him, you will feel comfortable candidly sharing your goals and frustrations. Likewise, Dr. Lickstein will be candid in telling you the best way to meet your aesthetic goals, and in sharing additional treatments you may not have previously considered that could be of benefit to you.

To learn more about all of the many possibilities of BOTOX and dermal fillers with Dr. Lickstein, please contact us today.

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