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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Northern Virginia

A full, voluptuous bottom and slender waist are beauty ideals that may be difficult for some people to achieve with diet and exercise alone. Fortunately, an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift can help patients achieve just that, by harvesting unwanted fat from other parts of the body and using it to enhance the contours of the buttocks. At Elle Aesthetic Arts in Loudoun County, Dr. Larry Lickstein specializes in performing Brazilian butt lifts that yield stunning yet natural-looking results. His goal is to create meaningful but tasteful changes that are appropriate for each patient’s anatomy and unique goals.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Unlike gluteal augmentation, where implants are used to add shape and volume to the buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift reshapes the buttocks using fat harvested from the patient’s own body. Known as autologous fat transfer or fat grafting, this process yields results that look and feel natural, with less scarring and fewer potential complications than gluteal augmentation.

For some patients, Dr. Lickstein uses a technique referred to as “lipo 360” to harvest fat for a Brazilian butt lift. This means that he harvests the fat in a way that contours the torso circumferentially, from the upper back, dorsal rolls and bra rolls, flanks, and lower back. It is also common to harvest fat from the thighs.

Once harvested, the fat is then purified and prepared before Dr. Lickstein strategically injects into the buttock area to enhance projection, roundness, and fullness.1

Why Choose Elle Aesthetic Arts for Your Butt Lift?

As a board-certified plastic surgeon who also trained extensively in general surgery, Dr. Lickstein has a deep understanding of the underlying structures that contribute to ideal body contours. This knowledge, combined with his superior surgical skill and sculptural approach to plastic surgery, ensures that his patients enjoy consistently impressive results.

At Elle Aesthetic Arts, we realize that each patient has unique anatomy and specific aesthetic goals. This is why Dr. Lickstein always takes the time to fully understand each patient’s needs and desires, customizing each procedure to complement and enhance their natural beauty.

Brazilian Butt Lift: What to Expect

Preparing for Surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Lickstein will review your medical history and listen carefully as you candidly discuss your aesthetic goals. Based on your desires, he will create a customized treatment plan for your Brazilian butt lift, detailing the proposed shape, volume, and projection of your buttocks as well as how he will contour the area around the harvest site for a more pleasing silhouette. Dr. Lickstein and the team at Elle Aesthetic Arts will also give you detailed post-operative instructions for the recovery period following your Brazilian butt lift.

How Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Works

A Brazilian butt lift is a multistage operation, usually performed under general anesthesia, that incorporates two cosmetic surgeries during a single operative procedure. First, Dr. Lickstein will harvest fatty tissue through very small incisions to donor location(s) using a special liposuction cannula. The harvested fat is then purified and processed, then injected into the buttocks and meticulously sculpted to achieve the desired effect.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure, which means you will be able to return home the day of your surgery.

You can expect to experience soreness, bruising, and swelling at both the harvest site(s) and in the areas where the fat was transferred. Dr. Lickstein will provide you with prescription medication to enhance your comfort, and you will want to rest at home for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. During the Brazilian butt lift recovery period, it is recommended that you try to sleep on your side or abdomen and that you avoid sitting for a prolonged period for the first few weeks.2

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

The results of your Brazilian butt lift will be immediately noticeable, though your buttocks will appear larger or more pronounced than you expected. This will go down over the first few weeks as some of the transplanted fat is reabsorbed into your body, and the final results of your butt lift will last for as long as you maintain a stable, healthy weight.

Contact Elle Aesthetic Arts

Dr. Lickstein and the team at Elle Aesthetic Arts understand that helping our patients achieve their cosmetic goals empowers them to live a more confident life. If you have questions about Brazilian butt lift surgery or are ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lickstein, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Butt Lift Surgery

  • Are the results of a Brazilian butt lift permanent?

    The results of a Brazilian butt lift are largely permanent. While a small portion of the fat injected into your buttocks will be reabsorbed, the majority of the transplanted fat will remain in place for life. It is important to note, however, that a Brazilian butt lift can’t stop the hands of time, so the shape of your body will still naturally change over time.

  • What are the risks of Brazilian butt lift surgery?

    Any surgical procedure carries some risks, Brazilian butt lift surgery included. A Brazilian butt lift is generally considered to be a safe procedure, though general surgical risks like bleeding, infection, and poor healing may apply.3

  • Who is a candidate for Brazilian butt lift?

    The ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift is in good overall health, a non-smoker, and has adequate fatty tissue to be harvested for transfer to the buttocks.

  • What if I am too thin to be considered a candidate for BBL, but still want to add volume to my buttocks?

    For patients with a youthful shape but lack of volume in the buttocks or “hip dips,” there are non-surgical options for buttock augmentation. These are in-office procedures that involve the injection of biostimulants that cause the body to produce more soft tissue. For weight loss patients who have sagging but insufficient donor fat, Dr. Lickstein can perform surgical buttock lifts which remove redundant tissue and elevate and tighten the remaining tissue.

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